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Welcome to Shamrock Pest Management, your trusted partner for superior Pest Control services in Lambton Shores, Ontario and surrounding areas. Our locally owned family business is dedicated to ensuring your property remains pest-free and comfortable. With our effective and environmentally responsible solutions, you can reclaim your space from pests.

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Grand Bend, ON

Shamrock Wildlife

Over 12+ years of experience
Providing humane solutions
to human and wildlife conflicts
Licenced by the Ministry
of Natural Resources

About us

Together Terri and Mike manage short term rentals in the Grand Bend area year round. We offer many different services related to mortgage products, short term rental requirements, indoor maintenance and general repairs,  outdoor maintenance, yard clean ups, grass cutting, tree trimming and removal, leaf/snow removal and more!

Innovative mortgage solutions
Polished maintenance & up-keep
Proudly serving the Grand Bend region
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Find out why Shamrock is one of the quickest growing service-based companies in Lambton county.

"Amazing patience and technique"

Mike safely removed a family of raccoons from behind my shed last week. My main concern was that they were re-located safely, which they were thanks to him.

Mark P.
Home Owner

"Knowledgeable and friendly"

I've been working with Terri on applying for a mortgage and she has totally opened my eyes to a new way of reaching my goals. Would highly recommend.

Jamie S
Shamrock Customer

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