A Comprehensive Guide to Preparing Your Seasonal Property in Lambton Shores, Ontario


Assess Your Seasonal Property

Before diving into the winterization process, it's crucial to assess your seasonal property thoroughly. Walk around the premises and take note of any visible issues that require attention. Look for cracks in windows, gaps in door seals, and areas where pests might find their way inside. Ensuring your property is in top shape is the first step in winter preparation.

Insulate and Seal

Proper insulation and sealing are paramount to keep the cold and pests out, and the warmth in. Inspect your windows and doors for gaps, and if needed, replace weatherstripping or caulking. Consider investing in energy-efficient windows and doors for long-term savings on heating costs. Additionally, check for any gaps or openings in the foundation or walls, as these can be entry points for pests.

Heating Systems and Plumbing

Maintaining a suitable heating system is vital to protect your property from the harsh Ontario winters. Have your furnace or heating system serviced by a professional to ensure it's working efficiently. Don't forget to inspect your plumbing, too! Drain water from pipes to prevent freezing and bursting, and consider installing pipe insulation. For added protection, pour anti-freeze in your drains and toilets.

Prepare the Exterior

Your property's exterior needs attention as well. Trim any overhanging branches or remove trees that could pose a threat during heavy snowfall or ice storms. Clean the gutters to prevent ice dams, which can damage your roof. Also, to maintain a happy lawn, be sure to clean up any fallen leaves or debris before snowfall. Finally, consider covering your outdoor furniture and storing it away to prolong its lifespan.

Pest Control and Property Maintenance

As Pest & Property Management experts, we understand the importance of keeping pests at bay during the winter. Before sealing your property, conduct a thorough pest inspection. If necessary, employ professional pest control measures to prevent infestations during the colder months. Regular property maintenance is key to avoiding pest issues, so ensure your property is free of debris that might attract rodents.

Prepare Equipment

If you have outdoor equipment such as a lawn mower, chainsaw, generator or any other small engine equipment, gas or electric, be sure to winterize them properly as well. This includes removing the battery, or keeping it in a climate controlled area with a battery tender. Add fuel stabilizer, or ensure the fuel tanks are empty, if necessary. Also, don’t get snowed out! Be sure to leave a snow shovel somewhere you can access in case you need it during the winter. Finally, if your property uses off-grid power, be sure to equalize your batteries if necessary.

Download Your Winterization Checklist

To make things easier for you, we've prepared a checklist you can follow to ensure your seasonal property is winter-ready:

Click Here to Download Your Own Checklist

1. Access your property: Look for visible issues and make note of what you find

2. Insulate & Seal

     a. Check windows and doors for gaps (inspect visually and feel for airflow)

     b. Check foundation and exterior siding for gaps and/or moisture

     c. Replace/fix weatherstripping and caulking as needed

3. Heating System

     a. Have furnace serviced by a professional

     b. Prepare/clean fireplace and chimney

     c. Prepare and inspect firewood. Ensure there are no signs of pests.

4. Plumbing

     a. Insulate pipes or inspect the current insulation

     b. Drain pipes, open all taps

     c. Pour anti-freeze down all drains and toilets to prevent freezing

5. Exterior

     a. Trim branches or remove trees that pose a risk to your property

     b. Clear roof and gutters of fallen leaves and debris

     c. Clear property of fallen leaves and debris

     d. Cover outdoor furniture, BBQs and equipment or store them inside

6. Pest Control

     a. Access property for signs of pest or wildlife infestations

     b. Remove any trash inside or outside

     c. Wash trash and recycling bins

     d. Hire a professional (if necessary)

7. Equipment

     a. Prepare equipment such as lawn mower and other small engines (Battery & Oil)

     b. Leave a snow shovel somewhere accessible through the winter

     c. Equalize batteries (if necessary)

Click Here to Download Your Own Checklist

By following these steps and our checklist, you'll have peace of mind knowing your seasonal property in Lambton Shores, Ontario, is well-prepared for winter.